Private Lessons

Your goal my mission and mine is your good dancing


Each is a customized session where both individual and couple tango technique are studied, musicality, the use of space and expressiveness among many other topics.

The necessary space is allowed to theory and practice according to the needs of each student. Lessons are structured by the teacher taking into account any strengths and weaknesses.

The teacher can perform both roles leader and follower and there is always space for a more in depth analysis of the dance and tango culture as a popular phenomenon.


Try them!

Group Lessons

Technique lessons both roles


    Aimed to men and women willing to study in detail and deeply the individual technique. The goal is to build good bases and improve the “own tango” by making it more and more personal. Classes are structured within recognition alignment, body placement and posture; balance; exploring movement qualities specially in upper body and legs; tango walking and all the elements and resources of this dance studied separately. For all levels, get ready to train!


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